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Marie Duchêne
Concentration 10%
Size 100 ml

The Inspiration
This fragrance is the result of Marie’s experiments in alchemy. Transforming Oriental wood and resin into fragrant gold, she has imbued her creation with echoes of an ancient and magical Egypt, when per-fumum was a gift for the gods.



Sumptuous and warm, this fragrance is the perfect incarnation of the Orient. Once in contact with the skin, these Oriental resins, wood and flowers become a fragrant offering to the God of Perfume.
Extremely sensuous at first, it becomes more tamed and subtle as its middle notes appear. This creation was conceived as a balm, whose initial intensity yields to long-lasting base notes.


piramide olfattiva
Note di testa
Ylang-ylang, Amber
Note di cuore
Arabian Incense, Indonesian Patchouli, Myrrh, Atlas Cedar
Note di fondo
Cashmere Wood, Amber Vanilla, Sandalwood

100 ml

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