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The Laboratorio Olfattivo Toiletries Collection, launched with Alambar, Cozumel, Salina, Nun, Décou-Vert and MyLO in Shower Gel & Body Lotion formats, is now enriched with one of the most popular fragrances of Laboratorio Olfattivo White Collection: Need_ U.

A declaration of love from the perfume to the skin, the perfume’s need to express itself, to tell its story by merging with it. A composition with an intimate and discreet sensuality, created by the Nose Marie Duchêne, in which citrus and floral notes lay down on a base of rich and fascinating molecules that adhere to the skin, just like a dress.

As usual, the best formula has been researched: products contain a high concentration of fragrance and are SLES and parabens free.


The Body Lotion is a soft and quickly absorbed emulsion, which moisturizes deeply without being greasy. It contains Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter and Hyaluronic Acid. Your skin is immediately moisturised, soft, smooth and… Scented!

Both products come in 250 ml bottles, especially manufactured to remind the Eau de Parfum bottle.

piramide olfattiva
Note di testa
Italian Lemon, Pink Pepper
Note di cuore
White Flowers, Jasmine (Hedione HC), Sea Sprays
Note di fondo
Ambroxan, Sandalwood, White Musks
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